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4 Lifestyle Habits That Can Hurt A Guy’s Dick

What on earth would a guy be, without his “dick”? Since the penis is very much an integral part of a guy’s manhood, he better be treating it with a lot of love and care. However, many seemingly harmless or unrelated lifestyle habits are actually causing a lot of serious harm to this precious body […]

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Young Escorts Melbourne : The Sex Surrogate

My girlfriend and I have been away from each other for almost a month now. This has been the longest that I have not seen her face nor touched her. I am a very kinaesthetic guy. Touch has always been one of my most sought after of all the sensations. I was deployed to a […]

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You’re Not Alone – Women’s Deepest Sexual Fantasies

Experts say sexual fantasies are a healthy part of sexual expression. When it comes to sex, they increase the degree of satisfaction. If you think only men do it, think again. Women also love to stir their sexual arousal through some of the wildest fantasies. 1 Threesome                 […]

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Sex TIp: Condom 101 – Sexy Ways to Use Condoms

Undoubtedly, using condoms is the most important part of sex. Unless you want to get pregnant or acquire STDs, you have to let him wear it and it’s non-negotiable. But did you know that there are ways to maximize pleasure with the use of condoms?

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