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3 More Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys

That Can Double as Sex Toys


Looking to buy sex toys for your nightly erotic trysts? Well, you can choose from a lot of high-quality adult toys in stores online and offline today, and you can choose to go DIY, by using a few of the most common tools and items at home! But before you do so, it’s crucial to note that prior to using any foreign object in/on your private parts, it should be fully cleaned or sanitised, or covered with a condom, or otherwise it may causes infections and abrasions! Here’s a look at 4 more household items that can double as sex toys.



Try telling your hookup mates, and the hot and sexy Young Escorts Melbourne, that they can actually use hairbrushes as sex toys, and perhaps you’ll see their eyes pop out, or glow with delight!


Hairbrushes are actually good for penetration, as the handle of a hairbrush is great for use by your lady, both during solo and partner play! Just make sure to remind your lady that she should not use handles that are sharp or pointy at the end, or too hard, because she will certainly not want to tear any of that delicate tissue below! And of course, remember to put a condom over it to prevent infection, as well as use lots of lube too.


Electric Exfoliator

Yes, electric exfoliators are best for cleaning skin, and they make pretty sweet sex toys too! The ladies could lay the bristled end over their clit for ultimate sensation. And though the bristles may feel rough, it would be best to use over her panties. And since these types of appliances are also designed to work in the shower, she could actually try using the vibrating handle part inside of her!



Yes, showerheads are prized items for many intrepid ladies, because it makes for a fantastic clitoral vibrator! Handheld showerheads are easier to use, but if you or your lady don’t have one, both of you can just lay or sit on the floor and shower each other’s legs spread, and make sure the shower is on a harder-pulsating mode.


Just be sure to keep the water on the cooler side of things, so that you and your girlfriend, or the lovely and alluring Sydney Escorts don’t burn anything!

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