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Explore Your Man’s Erogenous Spots and Drive Him Extra Wild

Do you know how to drive your lover extra wild? You can do that if you know where and how to stimulate his erogenous spots. Young escorts Melbourne are very skilled at this job, so take head from them.

Men’s Erogenous Zones

1. The Cheek-spots – No, not the ones on his face but those on his behind. Most women don’t pay much attention to this part, however, tickling the surface of his skin with the tips of your fingernails can result to an all-new kind of arousal. Just make him feel relaxed when he lies on his stomach, and knead your fist deep into the muscle tissue of his butt. He will be in heat in no time.

2. The F-spot – The frenulum is the thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft. It’s actually the underside of the dick full of nerve connections that’s very sensitive to the right kind of touch. As you take all of him in your mouth, leave enough room for stroking its underside with your fingertips. Move your hands up and down his erected manhood that coincides with your mouth’s movements. As you stroke his frenulum, you’ll never realise how sensual he can get.

3. The E-spot – Focus on the outer ridge of his ear and nibble on it lightly between hot kisses. Let your tongue run on this spot and let him feel the hot and wet sensation. Add some heavy breathing, letting your nose tip touch the rims. Guess what happens next? He’ll be weak at his knees straight away.

4. The G-spot – You think men have no G-spot? Wrong! It’s the prostate for men! The right massage will give him prostate pleasure that results to him experiencing of the kind of orgasm he never thought would be possible. As you stimulate his dick through a blow job or hand job, you can also massage his prostate with your fingertip. Make sure to position two fingertips over his perineum, the spot between his scrotum and anus. Sensing an approaching climax, apply pressure to this area. Doing that also massages his prostate in an indirect way.

Follow these pleasurable tips from the experts at young escorts Melbourne and let your guy soar to sensual summit.

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