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Young and Hot Escorts in Melbourne Give 5 Tips to Turn Women On

When it comes to adult entertainment – not just on TV – the girl can end up feeling left high and dry. They want to show you a good time, but some girls have hinted that it would be nice to get a little satisfaction in return.

Of course, if you have some bedroom skills of your own, go for it! Although, you can make the experience even better for your companion by finding out a few secrets that the girls from Young Escorts in Melbourne want to share with you. Just to give you a few idea’s, let’s see what moves get them all hot and bothered…

Young Escorts MelbourneSpontaneous touch. One girl, who also offers the girlfriend experience (GFE), says she gets tingly in the right places when the guy touches her in some way while out in a public place. She relates how one man, Greg*, slid a hand up her shirt while in a crowded movie theatre. Brief, unexpected touches in public let her know he wants her – bad. Often, she returns the favour.

French kiss. Another escort confesses that her favourite clients are the ones who know how to kiss. Not just the dry, two-second kiss, but the deep and torrid lip-locking you see in the movies. She adds that feeling a man’s tongue explore her mouth helps her imagine what it will do to other parts of her body. That’s an image she can’t easily shake.

Get silver-tongued. Speaking of exploring the body, one escort reveals that not all men are good at being cunning. The next time you’re with a girl, try paying attention to all parts of her below the belt. The inner thighs, the lips of her pussy and of course the clit will give her different sensations, depending on how you stroke or caress them. She’ll let you know if she likes what you’re doing.

Bring on food. If you’re not using food as part of your bedroom experience, you’re missing out, another girl says. Maple or chocolate syrup is as fun to use as whipped cream. Go off the beaten track and rub soft fruit like mango or papaya, before devouring each other and the fruit. Now you have more reason to lick each other all over for a sweeter experience.

Restrain her. Her companion throws in her own two cents, saying that bondage is something she likes to experience now and then. Sometimes, just a handkerchief used to tie the wrists together or to the bed is enough. If you don’t have something long enough, you can just gently grab her wrists and raise them over her head, and watch those breasts arch towards you.

The truth is, girls can be just as adventurous in the bedroom – or on the couch, in the kitchen, or anywhere else you can do the deed – but will be truly turned on by certain acts. It’s up to you to discover what they are. So try a few new tricks and improve your skills with the Young Escorts in Melbourne.

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