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Young Escorts Melbourne – 3 Books That Offer Sizzling Sex Tips

Books That Offer Sizzling Sex Tips

If you’re scouring the local bookshops, and the online bookstores too, for books offer the best, and most updated sex tips, well look no further and check out what we have to offer to you, as these books are sure-fire naughty reads, and are also guaranteed to further improve your sex life.


Guide To Getting It On! By Paul Joannides

Here’s one erotic guidebook that you should read, as well as share, with your hookup partners or your favourite Young Escorts Melbourne, because it features six new and must-read chapters!


The Guide To Getting It On is currently on its seventh edition, and since the author is a full-blown sex expert, the book is constantly-changing, and he also wants his books to be current and relevant to the times. It provides a funny and enlightening read that covers basically everything you’ve ever wondered about sex, along with some eye-popping details that you probably wish you didn’t know!


The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex is perfect for those who are not necessarily comfortable with the subject of sex, but want and desire more! The book provides a lot of details on not just having sex, but also making love, desiring intimacy and craving oneness.


The author also adds that she wants her readers to “say goodbye to quickies and shallow sex, and start experiencing a whole new world of love-making”. Her book will certainly help you with just that, and she even provides readers with some “Good Girl Dares” to try out tonight!


Great Sex Made Simple by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson

Great Sex Made Simple is perhaps all about tantric sex, especially for those who think that tantric sex is just like having sex for hours and hours on end, but it actually goes deeper than that.


Basically, it’s all about passion, spirituality, and connection, and it’s also very ideal for couples who are looking to experience more than just sex and orgasms. In fact, the book is for those who wish to deepen their connection and experience intimacy on a whole new level. Now, which of these erotic books are perfect for sharing with your hookup partners, or with your preferred Sydney Escorts?

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