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Young Escorts Melbourne Tales – My Automotive Foreplay

Oh baby! Don’t stop!” she moaned when I kept driving my cock deep inside of her dripping pussy. The luscious siren had her hands rested on the driver’s seat whilst she straddled me. My cock was throbbing and was ever so erect. I was horny beyond compare and we just couldn’t deny ourselves from such pleasures. I marveled at her brazen breasts bouncing in front of me. It even came to a point that I would just stick my tongue out and they would graze it with such ecstasy. I couldn’t help but recount how timid our night started and how it avidly progressed to this…

We were supposed to do this in my apartment but this intoxicating vixen from Young Escorts Melbourne was already stroking my craving penis during our drive that I couldn’t help but park my car somewhere secluded and get it on. Good thing it was night time and the road to my home is quite quiet at this time.

Young Escorts MelbourneGoing back to before the passionate car romp started, we were having innocent fun talking about our shared interests with movies over dinner. She was charming and sexy and of course she had the body that will arouse any man but she sparked a different part of me in that moment. The conversation stopped when my hand accidentally brushed her legs and an erotic current flowed between us. Her eyes popped like a sudden realization had hit her. I stiffened as I felt my length harden from that contact. We know it was going to come down to this but we certainly did not expect it to happen so quickly…

The sexual tension that had built up throughout dinner had finally been brought to attention as I felt her walls deliciously tighten around my erection. She was enveloping me in all of her wetness and I was buried profoundly within her. This lady is highly intoxicating that my hips started to push up in a sexual rage, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her. I’ve never had car sex before so this was definitely a great first. You would think that this will urge me for a faster release but no. The pleasures just kept on coming but I’m not quite at the money shot.

The car was filled with the condensation from our breathing, the aroma of our sweat and the smacking noises from our contact. My hands came up and started massaging her plump breasts. My right hand released one and I pulled her neck down so I can slide my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues massaging as I immersed myself in the sensation of her pussy taking the full length of my cock.

We wanted to finish in that special spot but cars started to pass by and we didn’t want to cause a commotion. She got off me and proceeded in giving me a blow-job while I finished our drive to my home to continue our passionate encounter there…

Overwhelming and exciting experiences are what the sirens of Young Escorts Melbourne promise to give you. Disappointment is not an option. So what are you waiting for? Visit the gallery now!

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