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You’re Not Alone – Women’s Deepest Sexual Fantasies

Experts say sexual fantasies are a healthy part of sexual expression. When it comes to sex, they increase the degree of satisfaction. If you think only men do it, think again. Women also love to stir their sexual arousal through some of the wildest fantasies.

1 Threesome



Yes, women also think about doing a three-way, maybe in a more sophisticated way compared to men – Ménage á trois? The fantasy of having sex with multiple men at once is all about being adored wherein the woman becomes a sexual idol. Experts explain that the idea of being desired by more than one guy is major turn-on for the females.

2 Stranger Sex

While most men may fulfill this fantasy often, women are more illicit. The reason is they don’t want to be labeled ‘slut’ for wanting to screw every man she meets. So women only fantasize about it. The notion of spontaneity and no-strings attached sex may get her libido fired up but they don’t really act on it. Instead, they ask their partner for a stranger role play.

3 Submission

It’s you dominating her and taking charge. Believe it or not, most women are enticed by the idea of being rendered powerless – tying her up, blindfolding, gagging her. It’s not the violence they’re after but the thought of being helpless and succumbing to pleasure. Total submission is one of the most common female fantasies.

4 Girl on Girl


girl on girl


Having fantasies about making out with a girl doesn’t mean you’re a closeted lesbian. Most women believe that a person of the same sex knows how to bring them to orgasm. This is because they instinctively understand the female body. It’s also about the ‘taboo’ aspect of this fantasy that makes them feel more adventurous but not totally outrageous.


5 Exhibitionism

They say even the most timid girl dreams of becoming the star of the show at some point – including a sex show. Experts say that the fantasy of having an audience while performing sexual acts provides an ego boost. It’s about seducing someone at the distance. Most women resolve this by keeping footage’s of themselves during sex.
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